CXDX is a proud sponsor of IREF.
CDXC is a proud sponsor of IREF
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IREF is an organization created to provide support to IOTA expeditions. The Foundation will depend on contributions from members on at least an annual basis. IREF has been born out of a grass roots desire to advance the sport of "Island Chasing" and has not received any endowments to help achieve these goals. IREF is a Section 501(c)(3) organization.

IREF would like to thank Yaesu UK for their continued support of the IOTA award program. With their support through the RSGB, IREF has been able to continue it's support to rare and new IOTAs.

email: Mike AD5A, IREF President
email: Michael AB5EB, Webmaster
The IREF logo below is available to download if you want to use the logo on your QSL cards. IREF received assistance from Nevada, which is a Amateur Radio supplier in the UK, on the concept and artwork. Their assistance is appreciated and their web page can be found at