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IOTABASH 2011 is coming up!

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IOTA Bash Reviews


What a pleasure it was to be part of this wonderful event. Thanks to our excellent hosts Cris and Mike Crownover (AD5A). We had hams aged from 8 to 88 visiting this convention. The Bash attracted almost 50 folk including 14 ladies.


IOTABash 2011

On the Friday evening we enjoyed a supper together at the QTH of Cris and Mike. The following day we listened to presentations covering IOTA dxpeditions from across the world from the tropics to the arctic. The ladies had a program of their own. With so many IOTA chasers and dxpeditioners gathered together we had many exciting discussions and exchanges of information covering technical, logistical and administrative subjects associated with IOTA dxpeditioning.


The event was akin to a family gathering!


The Bash concluded with a very fine dinner in Boerne.


Thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially Cris & Mike.


73/88 from Joyce & Derek (G3KHZ)


On March 11 Dragan (K0AP) and Bill (AC0A) made the 12 hour trip to Boerne, Texas (near San Antonio) to proudly represent the KCDXC at the 2011 IOTA Bash – the seventh year the event has been held.

IOTABash 2011
Although very small compared to Dayton, this group represented come of the real movers and shakers in the Islands on the Air (IOTA) community. In attendance were such illuminaries as K9AJ, N3QQ, G3KHZ, XE2K and many other dedicated island chasers. Presentations were given for some of the most recent activations such as T32CI, VI, SI, MI; P29NI; V73QQ; KL7RRC; XV3RRC, etc.

It was a great chance to meet some of the most famous IOTA activators and to hear stories and see pictures about their adventures. The IOTA program is rapidly growing in popularity and even has been called by some “the DXCC of the 21st century”. Once one has worked DXCC every way possible and is waiting around for a “new one” the IOTA program presents IOTABash 2011a momentous challenge. The number of “IOTA groups” has been capped at 1200. To give perspective both Dragan and I are in the mid 400 range so we have a long way to go. Islands which qualify for IOTA can range from continents like Australia to god- forsaken rocks in the middle of nowhere which only the most adventurous dare challenge.


The event began Friday evening with dinner and eye-ball QSO’s at AD5A’s QTH and ended  Saturday evening with an evening out at a Mexican restaurant. Mike(AD5A) and his son Michael (AB5EB) were wonderful hosts. Truly, “a great time was had by all.”


By Bill AC0A