IREF Funding Criteria

The purpose of the following grading scale is to help with the decision of how much
support is granted by IREF to an expedition. The areas of interest are the rarity of
the island, number of operators, operating strategy, number of stations, QSL practices, the expense of reaching the island and the net experience of the expedition team. This process is only be a tool in helping the board of trustees make its funding decision.

Rarity of Island

New IOTA           20pts 
Top 5%               18pts 
Top 10%             16pts 
Top 20%             14pts 
Top 30%             10pts 
Top 50%              5pts

* Percentages deal with the need within the continent that the island is found.

Number of Operators

 3+           10 pts
 2               7 pts
 1               3 pts

* An operator consists of a licensed amateur radio operator.

Operating Strategy

Hours per day

24 hrs        10 pts
 18 hrs        7 pts
 12 hrs        5 pts
 8 hrs          3 pts

*The times represent operating hours during a day.

Number of Days Operating

 4+ days         10 pts
 3 days            7 pts
 2 days            5 pts
 1 day              2 pts

Number of bands used

 7-9         10 pts
 5-6          9 pts
 4             8 pts must include 3 0f the 5 primary bands 3.5,7,14,21,28 
 3             6 pts must include 3 of the 5 primary bands
 2             5 pts must include either 14 or 21 MHZ
 1             2 pts must be either 14 or 21 MHZ

Number of stations

2+       10pts
 1         5pts

QSL Practice


 3months          10pts
 4months            7pts
 5months            5pts

Expedition Experience
2+ expeditions -        6 to 10 points based on difficulty and success
1 expedition-            1 to 5 points based on difficulty and success

Difficulty of reaching the island and the net experience of the operating team will be
evaluated and used to help make decisions regarding the funding of the expedition. This process can be used as an incentive for additional funding after the expedition if certain goals are attained. For example, a limited funding commitment to a certain expedition because of lack of experience, etc., however if a significant number of QSO's, QSL timing, etc. are achieved additional funding could be forthcoming.