About IREF

IREF is an organization created to provide support to IOTA expeditions. The Foundation will depend on contributions from members on at least an annual basis. IREF has been born out of a grass roots desire to advance the sport of "Island Chasing" and has not received any endowments to help achieve these goals. IREF is a Section 501(c)(3) organization. This designation allows US contributors to deduct contributions to IREF, Inc. from their federal income taxes.

IREF is an International organization. The Board of Directors comes from Great Britain, Portugal, Japan and the United States. The Board will make all of the expedition funding decisions. The principles that the foundation is based on are:

    1. To provide funding and other support for expeditions to IOTA qualified islands for the purposes of operating amateur radio and to promote radio science through portable island operations.
    2. Provide funding and other support to amateurs resident on IOTA qualified islands where such assistance can be shown to improve their capabilities in achieving the same objectives.
    3. Promote International Goodwill through Amateur Radio.
    4. Advance the body of knowledge for those interested in portable island radio operations in the areas of expedition planning, antenna use and design, radio propagation studies and general radio science
    5. Unite Amateur Radio Operators as a potential force to deal with issues concerning the advancement of the Amateur Radio hobby.
    6. Promote expedition effectiveness by encouraging multi-operator, around the clock operating.
    7. Promote prompt QSL delivery.

      The categories of membership are:

      Lifetime Membership - $500

      Sustaining Membership - $250

      Supporting Membership - $100

      Contributing Membership - $99 or less

      We will recognize each contributor on this web page. The amounts above are suggestions only, any contribution will be appreciated. Contributions may be made in the form of checks to the above address or by credit card through the PayPal service. Click the button below to use the PayPal service.
      IREF wants you to feel comfortable that the money you are donating will be spent wisely. As an IREF member you will receive regular updates via email about the activities of the Foundation and the expeditions that are being supported. If for some reason you don't feel comfortable contributing to IREF, please contact us and let us know why. Perhaps we can satisfy your concerns. We are a new organization; our web page, our forms, our processes are in the development stage, so please be patient and watch IREF grow. We are building an organization that you will be proud to be a part of.The IREF logo is available to download if you want to use the logo on your QSL cards. IREF received assistance from Nevada, which is a Amateur Radio supplier in the UK, on the concept and artwork. Their assistance is appreciated and their web page can be found at http://www.nevada.co.uk